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Name: Brandon Scott Basketball Camp at Limestone College Dates: June 6 - June 10th Offered to: Boys and Girls, ages 6-14 Cost: 0 Contact: Brandon Scott by phone at (864)488-8235 Website: Description: Our day camp teaches the essential fundamentals of basketball.

We emphasize dribbling, shooting, passing, rebounding and defense.

Coach Scott’s emphasis on work ethic, team spirit, and sportsmanship are foundational pieces to long-term success!

Name: Amy Yates Softball Camps at Limestone College Dates: Option 1: June 14th; Option 2: July 19th Offered to: Grils, 9-18 Cost: .00; .00 per member of team (6 or more from one team); 0.00 Sibling Cost (2 Siblings) Contact: Amy Yates at ayates@or by phone at (864) 809-5325 Registration Form: Form can be found here. This summer there are two great opportunities to improve your game!

Name: The Rock Summer Duals Dates: June 1 - June 4th Offered to: Teams ages 10-18 Cost: per camper Contact: Karl Reed at, kreed@or by phone at (864) 838-6076 Website: Description: Round robin duels tournament.

Someone once said “Without struggle there is no progress.” Here at The Rock Wrestling Camp our philosophy is simple, we want all campers to come in with an open and POSITIVE mindset and look forward to getting better every day.

“A lot of times it’s very easy, especially in a competitive sport, to look to other variables as to why something might not be successful, when really we should look to ourselves and what our teams are doing.” And with all eyes on Cheer Athletics, she certainly won’t be the only one laser-focused on what Cheer Athletics’ teams will accomplish this year.(Co-owner Brad Habermel joined the fold in 1996.) The “hugs and high-fives” reinforcement and family atmosphere—along with high standards and high ambitions—also helped to attract greater numbers of motivated athletes from the Dallas area and beyond to their gym home in Plano.“We didn’t have a formal mission statement, but we knew we wanted a team that would be the biggest and the best,” says Rogers of their initial approach.“We’d been assuming we would start off small, but turnout has been beyond our wildest expectations,” says Melton.On the first day signup for classes were offered, they filled up in three hours, and in its first year, the gym will have seven teams competing.

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“As we grew, we learned it’s not just about being a great athlete—it’s about being great people.

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